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  1. ασυμβίβαστος
  2. ασύμβατος, αταίριαστος

irreconcilable ɪˌrɛk(ə)nˈsʌɪləb(ə)l,ɪˈrɛk(ə)nsʌɪləb(ə)l/Submit adjective 1. (of ideas or statements) so different from each other that they cannot be made compatible. "these two views of the economy are irreconcilable" synonyms: incompatible, at odds, at variance, incongruous, conflicting, clashing, discordant, antagonistic, mutually exclusive; opposite, contrary, opposing, antithetical, diametrically opposed; different, disparate, variant, dissimilar, poles apart, polar; rareoppugnant "the affair revealed irreconcilable views about the duties of government" noun 1.

any of two or more ideas or statements that cannot be made compatible.