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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Αγγλικά (en) [επεξεργασία]

Κύριες μεταφράσεις restore [sth] vtr (return to original state) αποκαθιστώ ρ μ

	 (κάτι σε κάτι)	επαναφέρω ρ μ
	John restored the old sports car to its former glory.

restore [sth] vtr (health) συνεφέρνω ρ μ

	 (καθομιλουμένη)	κάνω κπ καλά περίφρ
	 (εγώ ο ίδιος)	συνέρχομαι ρ αμ

restore [sth] vtr (health) αποκαθιστώ ρ μ

	Tom had become pale and lethargic, but a radical change of diet restored his health.

Επιπλέον μεταφράσεις restore [sth/sb] vtr (return [sth/sb] lost or stolen) επιστρέφω ρ μ

	 (καθομιλουμένη)	δίνω πίσω ρ μ + επίρ
	The police restored the lost child to his parents.

restore [sth] vtr (reintroduce) επαναφέρω, αποκαθιστώ ρ μ

	The students were running riot, but the teacher soon managed to restore order when she arrived in the classroom.[1]