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Αγγλικά (en) [επεξεργασία]

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vuvuzela < ζουλού vuvuzela (κάνω ένα θόρυβο "βου-βου")

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ΔΦΑ : /vʊvuːˈzɛlə/

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vuvuzela (en)

  1. (αθλητισμός) βουβουζέλα, πλαστική καραμούζα σε σχήμα τρομπέτας που τη φυσούν οι οπαδοί των ποδοσφαιρικών ομάδων στη Ν. Αφρική
    Firstly what is a vuvuzela, well on the left is a picture of our Finance Minster, Trevor Manual, blowing on one (picture © Esa Alexander, Die Burger). Essentially it is an elongated trumpet type instrument made from plastic that requires some serious lip and lung strength to blow it. Then the noise that it emits is something like a deep foghorn or an elephant. [1]
    When the Manchester United squad walked through the arrival gates at Durban International yesterday, most players heard a vuvuzela for the first time. Weekend Argus July 15 2006.07.15
    The Vuvuzela, originally made out of tin, but now locally manufactured in plastic by Masincedane Sport for 3 years, has certainly influenced and shaped South Africa’s soccer culture into being what it is today – alive, vocal and energetic. [2]

Τουρκικά (tr) [επεξεργασία]


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vuvuzela (tr)

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