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Αγγλικά (en) [επεξεργασία]


discernment (en)

  1. η ικανότητα διάκρισης, η σωστή κρίση, η δικαιοσύνη
    God gave Solomon the gift of discernment
  2. η διακριτική ικανότητα
    He lacked discernment in the choice of his employees
  3. η ενέργεια του διακρίνω (βλέπω, παρατηρώ), η αντίληψη
    Thus, in all religion, there is first a subjective state of human thought and feeling; next, the recognition of an external object; and lastly, the discernment of that object in the act of revealing itself. (Daniel John Ferguson, John Caird, John Cunningham, Scotch Sermons, 1880)