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Αγγλικά (en)[επεξεργασία]

τσίμπημα pinch

pɪn(t)ʃ/Submit verb 1.τσιμπιά grip (something, typically a person's flesh) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb. "she pinched his cheek" synonyms: nip, tweak, squeeze, compress, grasp "he pinched my arm harder" 2. move one's finger and thumb apart or bring them together on (a touchscreen) in order to zoom into or out of an image, activate a function, etc. "to explore in more detail just pinch the screen" noun 1. an act of pinching someone. "he gave her a gentle pinch" synonyms: nip, tweak, squeeze "he gave her arm a pinch" 2. BASEBALL a critical point in the game.