knock out

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knock out (en)

  1. χτυπώ κάτι ή κάποιον
    I accidentally knocked out the glass in my picture frame.
  2. βγάζω κάποιον νοκ άουτ
    The boxer knocked out his opponent in the third round.
  3. κοιμίζω
    The allergy pill knocked him out for a good three hours.
  4. εξαντλώ
    Running errands all day really knocked him out.
  5. ολοκληρώνω με μεγάλη βιασύνη
    They knocked out the entire project in one night.
    Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg συνώνυμα: knock off
  6. καταστρέφω ένα μηχανισμό
    The antitank gun knocked out the enemy tank.

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